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Here is something I learned from AZScoobie awhile back. When you are up to the tree, start to back out on the clutch until you feel the car creep forward a little bit, then put your foot back in about 1/4 inch. Then rev up to 3000RPMs and wait for the light. When the tree starts to fall, on the second light, floor it and watch the tach. When it swings by 5500 RPMs, just lift your clutch foot up. Don't sidestep it, don't slip it, just lift it up. But you have to make sure that you let the clutch out almost to the point where it engages.

If you don't lift up your foot quickly enough, then it'll ride the clutch, and that just leads to another burnt clutch. If you drop it, then that's just going to break things, and that's what we're trying to avoid here.

If you do it just right, it should break the front tires loose for a split second, lock up the rear and shoot you forward. I'll get a vid of it where I'm doing it on the street later tonight.

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