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Thumbs up Ludespeed Kit Review

Hey all, I finally got off my lazy ass and wrote up a review for the ludespeed turbo kit that I have, and took some pics too.

ok, first some background, I was in on the original Ludespeed group buy, took a little longer than expected, but Tom was great at keeping us up to date on the status of the kits.

Here's ludespeed's site seems that he's stopping any new orders so he can work on getting current ones out, good idea and better than just taking peoples orders when he knows he can't get them done in time.

Tom is a perfectionist, always willing to listen to concerns and complaints and act on them, fixing whatever he can.

I highly recommend Tom as a vendor and turbo kit maker, he was great to work with, very honest, and a good work ethic.

ok, on to the kit

I got the Stage 1 kit here's what it included, (if I can remember it all)
T3 Turbo
Apex'i BOV
Deltagate Wastegate
K&N Airfilter
autometer boost guage
all piping
all fittings and brakets

About the install (ColinL can chime in and bring up more points if I forget them)
Tom included instructions which were very helpfull, whole install was spread out over saturday and sunday
removing the oil pan is easier than expected.
there were a couple issues with brakets, the braket that holds the turbo to the tranny, the two bolt holes that line up with the tranny were just a tad too short, so a few minutes with the drill to expand one of them and it fit. Same thing for the braket that goes on the turbo intake side to the air filter. had to actually rethread one of the holes on the turbo compressor (it is very very soft metal) because it started to get cross-threaded.

other than that install pretty much went according to the instructions (Colin correct me if I'm forgetting something)

the O2 sensors are a bitch to get on and off, very hard to get on especially with jet-hot coating adding thickness to the threads (thanks for the brute force on those Colin)

Downpipe does hit the crossmember sometimes, not too often but it's there. and the K&N filter is just too long for the whole MAF assembly, smacked against the fender wall, going to try to replace it with a small mushruum foam filter soon.

Still need to tune it, after I get an EGT guage, right now my method has been dumping in a ton of extra feul when I'm on the gas, the other method has been to just stay off the gas that much. and I also need to adjust the BOV as it is leaking boost, I tightened it up a little bit, but it needs more.

now for the pictures:

here's the boost guage in the nice subaru guage pod.

Here's the custom mount for the S-AFC, a little hard to read while driving, but I can see the throttle position, and that's all I really need to see, I can just lean down to make any adjustments I need. (while parked of course)

here's the whole engine bay.

here you can see the Apex'i Twin Chamber BOV, and the jet-hot coated intake charge pipe. I don't recommend jet-hot coating for the intake pipe, as I think it's holding the intake temperatures in the pipe, where a non-coated pipe would allow them to dissapate more. Stay tuned for an update on a project for the charge pipe, involves sandblasting the jet-hot coating off and coiling some lines around it and pumping cool water around the charge pipe.

here is the turbo, all jet-hot coated, so it still looks nice and brand new.

you can see how crammed in there the K&N filter is.

I got my kit without a cat, so I thought this light would never go off, but for some reason it went off a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been on since. very strange.

you can browse some of the other kit pictures at
mainly just pictures of the kit out of the box
sorry, didn't bring the camera to the install, wish I would have though

so far I'm happy with the kit, had to fix a couple oil leaks that were my fault, and they're all gone now (although I did notice one small spot today, maybe it's just cuz it's so dang hot and some leftover oil just accumulated and dripped, fingers crossed)

I just wish I could tune it properly so I could really get a good feel for it, but so far it's a noticable power increase, and wouldn't ever go back to N/A.

more updates after I get an EGT guage and tune it better (hopefully).

thanks for listening
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