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Well, all, I can't officially announce success yet, but I expect to tonight.

Saturday, I went back into the shop to "finish". There wasn't much to do, and I expected to knock it out in no time. Ben and I went to a salvage yard to clip a harness connector from a Civic to get some harness pins. I had already scored some ECU pins off of a Nissan throw-away harness. With these connectors, some solder, some heat-shrink and some work, I made my shielded AVCS cam sensor harnesses. Wiring them in was a snap, after figuring out the ECU and underhood pin workings the day before.

The RC injectors arrived at my place, so Ben and I took a non-boosted, rental Focus powered trip up to my place to pick them up.

These injectors were VERY different in machining than the last set. I have a picture that I will post later. I slid STi O-rings AND the RC O-rings onto the pintle, because I was a little worried that it wouldn't seal well. It didn't feel all that "positive" when I placed it in the port, because the injector body contacts the top of the port when the injector is all the way inserted. It contacts it very evenly, though. The RC injectors are much larger, so you a) need a lot more clearance on the rails and b) need to use spacers on the rail bolts. RC includes the spacers, so that's no problem. To get the clearance, you have to take off the two main fuel-rail bolts, and the pipe-support bolt on the side of the risers. On the passenger side, this is almost impossible. The oil-pipe for AVCS runs directly in front of the side bolt, while the fuel-rail runs directly over the banjo-bolt that secures the oil-pipe onto the engine. After some massive struggles, I got the banjo-bolt out and then the rail side bolt out. The rail side bolts are not reused with the RC injectors, as they no longer fit. I installed the injectors, cranked the rails down into place, connected the injector clips that I soldered on earlier, and we were good to go.

I connected all of the remaining tubes and hoses and connected all of the clips. Well, almost all, more on that in a minute.

We filled the car with oil (Mobil 1 and Marvel Mystery Oil), poured in some coolant, water and Water Wetter and discovered the first mis - there was a coolant leak thanks to a missed hose, but we got that sealed right up, and filled it as well as possible while cold.

Then, we gave it another too-quick once-over and I switched to the RA Spec-C ECU. I first turned it on without starting it up to tune the UTEC - I wanted a blank fuel map, wastegate boost only and to change the OLF settings to reflect the new injectors.

I then cranked the car to life. Well, it ran. It also had a CEL, ran like CRAP and clearly had some problems. It actually idled. Rougly, but it did. You'll see why that impresses soon...

First, the vacuum leak. The fitting for the brake-booster is replaced with the APS DR500 I/C, and this fitting was under the post-turbo charge pipe. When we pulled the motor, somebody in there must have tucked the hose out of the way, and I couldn't easily see either the host or the fitting, and I missed it. We could hear it clearly, we found it, connected it and restarted the car.

It again cranked right up, but it again ran like garbage. It managed to correct itself at idle, but it was horribly rough. We ran it for a while like this and warmed it up, just waiting to see what was up and also wanting to bleed in some coolant. We then started looking for a problem. We couldn't hear a vac leak, and couldn't find one. this makes sense, because the problem was much, much simpler. When I was installing the injectors, I had disconnected the coil-pack wires to #2 and #4 to get some harness clearance to work. So the car was sitting there, managing a rough idle with TWO DEAD CYLINDERS AND a MASSIVE VAC LEAK. Ben was a bit freaked out by this - it shouldn't have been possible, so we plugged in the harness and left the building.

On Sunday, I went back in and we again cranked the little blue car. Again, it ran like crap, clearly in limp-mode. We finally pulled the CEL, and got a P0031, Heater Circuit CEL. Damn, that meant front O2 sensor. I had been playing with pins and wiring, and it's POSSIBLE that the 04 harness is different enough to make it impossible to work with the 02 RA Spec C ECU. I had the FSM handy and printed out, and reviewed the wiring diagram. Nope, I didn't mess with that ECU connector at all. Just to be sure, I did a continuity test on all of the appripriate wires, from ECU pin to harness end in then compartment. Everything was good. We then lifted the car and noticed that two of the wires on my front AF sensor were cut! An easy solution, but a disheartening one - it was Sunday, and Subie parts departments aren't open on Sunday. There is no aftermarket A/F sensor for these cars, so we were stuck. I tried to find a local with an extra A/F, but had no luck at all.

Today is Monday. Ben is picking up the new front A/F today, and tonight I'll install it. Then, she rides...

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