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Talking Cobb Stage II w/Spicy Cams dyno plot inside...

I finally got a chance to run my car on the dyno yesterday. I ran it at Modern Garage on their Mustang dyno. This is the same dyno that Cobb uses for all of their numbers, which is part of why I ran there. Not only will it let me compare to their posted numbers, but it tells me how my car is actually doing at the elevation I live and drive at.
First off, my mods, for those who don't know my set up, or may find this on a search later:

2.5RS 5MT w/100,000mi on the block
ACT clutch and pressure plate w/stock flywheel
Unorthodox UD pulley
Cobb CAI
Cobb equal length headers
Stromung TT cat back exhaust
Cobb "spicy" cams on unported heads

Cobb's posted stock HP figures for this car are 122.5hp.
I got 151.1hp @ 5700rpm
and 156.8tq @ 4500rpm
That is a gain of 28.6hp over stock.
For comparison purposes, a stock WRX makes 169.9hp on the same dyno. Depending on how you figure driveline loss, we are looking at 205-210hp at the crank. Also, I think Eric was backing off the gas a little short of redline since Trey tells me these cams should make peak HP right around 6000-6200rpm. But, the #'s are what they are, and I am only speculating.

Keep in mind my heads are stock except for the cams. They have not been ported. Also, I have no engine management whatsoever beyond the factory ECU. Once it is tuned with Accessport, I fully expect to find close to another 10hp with tuning. All in all, I am very happy with these numbers and look forward to progressing my build and posting more in the coming months.

Also, for anyone who is interested, this has had about zero effect on my MPG. I still get 29 hwy when I stay around 80mph and 25-26 on daily basis when mixing city and hwy miles.

Lastly, before some fool posts TTIWWP, I have a J-peg of the dyno sheet. I am just looking for someone to host it. So, if you wanna host my sheet, shoot me a PM and we'll try and get this thing up. It is worth seeing. The torque curve is pretty much a flat line that comes on at 2200rpm; hitting and staying above 145 from there until almost 6000rpm.

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