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The tuning is coming VERY well. I was quite surprised at the amount of time I have put into this ECU and have already understood most of its functions. Its actually quite easy... compared to the TEC II this is like playing pac man... From my previous update I have used the auto tune function and it functions as well as can be expected. It does err on the side of rich then slowly goes to the target AFR. response time is ok... but this is from looking at logs which when scrolling may seem like a long time, but I log at 4 times a sec. Most people are amazed how I can hit 14.7 EXACTLY at cruise.. and I tell them its my tuning... (shhhhh). The only other Auto tune function I heard that functions ok is the HKS V pro unit. But I don't really care as long as mine works.

I have worked my way up from 13 psi to 21 psi on 92 octane. I have now 1. run out of injectors and 2. glazed my clutch like a Krispy Kreme Donut. I only tune to 10.2 - 10.4 and already, I am making well past what I have had before. When I ran my 13.4 1/4 mile, my power meter ID read my peak horsepower was 270. After 2 weeks at 21 psi (on the GT30), I have a 328 reading on the power meter id. It felt very good and pulls well. I'm very happy with the car. People that have rode in the car have agreed with the power meter readings however inaccurate they prove to be.

The base maps that come with it will need to be reworked. I would say 50% on the settings whatever year your 2.5 RS is. Fuel maps for me were quite out of tune. I would say 90% of it was changed. (and I am not talking about tweaks) even though both were supposed to be 550 cc injectors. If you purchase this without some sort of wideband tool or with the wideband option you might as well not buy it.

I do find that the logging is not flexible enough. I had a delta dash and sold it next to nothing (hint!!!) and found that to be a great tool. There is no fuel pump voltages on the hydra and I would like to see that. Also I don't see where I could add sensors or auxillary tools. I will have to ask about this (in the logs). And I have noticed some odd ball values in the logs. I don't know if this is my grounding or electrical systems in the car, but the air temp (even though I thought I fixed it will sometimes read very low.) But using the log to tune is great by using the cell reference to the maps. You can pin point exactly where and what needs to be changed. (AFR at what cell and what spark or knock ramp) Its great. There is no guessing game with this.

I was doing well with the air conditioning tune, but the idle is a little bouncy when i turn on the AC. I will go to the target that I set it for on AC, but will also revert back to the original idle target. I little annoying but I think it "may" be my tune. I have tested the car in cold starts from 7 C to 30 C. I still need to tweak, but the car does need a couple more turns to get started and sometimes, 2-3 times. Again maybe my tune. Surprisingly my car idles rock solid and sounds as quiet as the first day I got it.

I havn't worked up the courage to try launch control as I still have a stock tranny. But I hear it is very violent.

I know there is a new flash for the ECU and is some upgrades with rpm tracking and scrolling, but I have come from a software development background and I am strongly thinking to just keep my flash since it is working just fine for me. Drivability is always an issue when we tune our own cars, but i'm doing just fine.
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