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Originally Posted by totoherbs
Compressor Turbine
A/R 0.60 0.82
Inducer 55.0 mm 56.5 mm
Exducer 76.2 mm 53.5 mm

Gods turbo I dont know... there are a whole lot of options for a gt30. What 40 to 60+ comp?

I dont think its a stretch of the imagination to guess at how responsiveive the gt28 will be on a 2.5L; hell on a 2.0 even a 1.8 its very quite nice.
Are u purposely missing the point. We are comparing the responsiveness of large turbos here. Until now, the fp green was considered very responsive for a large turbo. Definitely much more responsive than the gt30 in this dyno. But as I pointed out earlier, the sr50 w/ a 55lb/min compressor outspools and out responds the green and far outspools the gt30. the gt28 is a mosquito in this comparison toto. If it didn't outspool the sr50 ( which it may not. Time will tell ) I'd be surprised. Just as I would expect the vf39 to outspool the gt28. Let's compare the big boys to the big boys. Apples to apples. And while we're at it, I'd love to see this combo on a mustang or dyno dynamics dyno which is where the serious players are. It's a known fact that taking the wheels and tires off greatly reduces reciprocating mass and artificially inflates hp. The higher the hp, the higher the margin of error. These dynos are fine for tuning, convenient because of their portability but this isn't wheel hp, it's hub hp. Big difference. Silverstipa, not knocking your combo at all. I think it's awesome. The 1/4 mile times will tell.
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