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Default The Subaru wave is hard to do

So this is something that has been bothering me for a while:

Every time I see a fellow Subaru owner on the road (Ok, maybe not every time, but whevever I see a WRX or 2.5RS, or maybe some other type of Subaru that's tricked out. You know, just people that look like enthusiants) I try to give them the "Subaru wave". the problem that I have is that usually one of four things happens:

1) I try to wave with my arm out the window. Unfortunately at speed it if fairly difficult to create anythign that even looks remotely like a wave against all of the wind resistance. It usually just looks like I'm "hand surfing" or something.

2) I wave from in the car. It's hard to see a hand waving inside the car and the other person doesn't see it.

3) No matter what I do, the other owner doesn't notice me because my car is an inconspicuous silver (good for when cops are around, bad for when other people are around, especially the honeys)

4) Other person sees the wave but has no clue that they are driving a Subaru, or that I am driving a Subaru, or that they are supposed to wave back, or whatever

The wave has really been letting me down lately. Does it work for you guys?
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