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Default Installed my supercharger with pictures!

I finally had some time to start my supercharger install. I have a 1990 legacy 2.2 NA wagon.

So far, everthing has been a peice of cake, lucky I have a metal bandsaw and extra brass and aluminum lying around though.

I installed a Mercedes supercharger that is built by Eaton for the 2.3 liter Kompressor series cars and/or the SLK's. (I may be wrong about this but I should be close to the facts!). I purchased the supercharger and the intake and exhaust brackets (super important to pick these up!) off of ebay for about $442, including shipping.

I took a piece of 1/4" aluminium plate and cut it out to attach flat (like a plate) to two bolt holes on the passenger side head. I had to cut out to accomadate the spark plugs, injectors and a few little other things. I only had to do it twice. Then I bolted it in and set the supercharger on top of the plate and eyeballed the pulley in line with the existing pulleys and marked the holes to be drilled into the plate to attach the supercharger. Then dettached the plate, drilled the holes and reattached the plate and bolted the supercharger to the plate. I had to shim the front of the supercharger up to be in the proper vertical plane for the pulleys to be in allignment. Still needs a little work to be perfect.

Since the power steering pump is basically in line with the alternator pulley and the supercharger pulley, I fabricated a rigid extension to hold an idler pulled to push the belt down across the powersteering pulley and then back up over the supercharger pulley. This seemed to work very well.

This took about 4 hours to do and was all I could do today.

The next steps are to get along enough belt (56.5 inches), cut off the supercharger intake and weld the MAF sensor to it and install a panel air cleaner that pulls air through the hood (and cut a hole for hood scoop, cut and reweld the exhaust bracket off the supercharger so the air goes in the right direction, and finally and most importantly, head over to my exhaust shop so they can bend and creat my actual new air intake tubing.

Yes, I will post pictures sometime after borrowing a camera that takes those new fangled "digital" potatoes.

i suspect boost will only be about 3-4 lbs, because I have an underdrive pulley currently installed.

Update 7/2/04

I installed the belt just now and it works! I just stood there going "cool!" While the supercharger is just hooked up to the belt to see if it worked, it was still awesome to see it work and blow that air! It even sounds cool although my damn exhaust drowns out the supercharger sound. Rev the engine and put your hand over the exhaust pipe and just grin!

Next step is to fabricate the ductwork/piping and air filter set up. So close!


Basic Bay View

Another Bay view

Just a sweet picture of the charger

And some explanation

#1 is the Mercedes supercharger
#2 is the plate the supercharger is attached too
#3 is the idler pulley (timing belt pulley off stock engine)
#4 underdriven pulley.

#1 is the plate
#2 is the supercharger
#3 is the idler pulley assembly
#4 is the idler pulley
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