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Originally Posted by big_adventure

Why the fear of PTFB when you have OLF software installed? The risk of PTFB is just that it causes lean conditions, but with OLF software in place, that won't happen. I understand the desire for rock-solid boost. I understand the desire to be able to taper boost at the upper rev ranges at WOT. But I LIKE PTFB on my car - working around it sounds terrible.

sean, perhaps it's the stock turbo, but i found it actually made driving around town difficult. i'd start from a stop light, for example, with a normal take off. probably light throttle to 2k or so, clutch slip into first, then giving it a bit more gas, perhaps 20 percent or so.

with the MBC only, suddenly i'd get a huge torque bump as the turbo spooled up, which was around 4k. throttle hadn't changed at all, but suddenly i was accelerating much more rapidly, and it made driving slowly (ie, past a peace officer) much more difficult.

it wasn't dangerous, since i did have OLF turned on. in fact, it was the reason i went to the OLF fuel map! but it was annoying. perhaps i could have trained myself to drive around it, but it was strange to have the turbo come on when IT wanted to, rather than when *I* wanted it to.

i guess my big complaint was in power modulation, which i found much more difficult with just the MBC. i would think that with a big honkin turbo that didn't spool up until much more air was pumping through it, the problem would rear its head much less often, and would therefore be much less of an issue when putting around town.

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