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#1.) what tire are you offering for review: Toyo Proxes 4 205/50-16

#2.) what is your geographic location: Virginia Beach, VA

#3.) what types of driving events if any: None

#4.) percent of highway vs. city driving: 35% highway 65% city

#5.) your review and personal comments:

I put these tires on my stock wheels to replace the stock RE-92's, and used them like any other street tire for ~2000 miles. I hope to update this as my opinion changes.

The Good:

The grip level on dry pavement is outstanding at the extremes. For everyday driving, the tires feel the same. I will say that they are slightly "bumpier", in the way that new, stiffer springs make you feel more road bumps. I attribute this to the 50 series' smaller sidewall and probably stiffer sidewall over the RE-92s.

The wet grip is awesome! The tire noise is higher as you can REALLY tell that these tires are pumping some water into the wheel wells. By driving like an idiot in some really deep puddles, I actually tried to get the tires to hydroplane. No such luck. I have never experienced better tires in the wet.

Steering response is much improved over the RE-92's. The only sloppiness left in the steering wheel is the steering rack bushings. The firmness of these tires makes the steering rack bushings an obvious next mod.

They have a comfortable ride. Overall feeling is VERY similar to the stock tires in terms of feel and noise when daily driven. They do have more noise than stock in the rain though, but that is an excellent trade off for the fabulous wet performance these tires have.

They are not expensive. $350 shipped from is a deal and a half for all season performance tires.

The Bad:

No negatives that I have seen so far, but I only have 2000 miles so far.

Compared to the RE-92s

Not a whole lot of difference. Wet traction is MUCH improved. Otherwise, in day to day driving, you won't see/hear/feel much difference to be honest. Obviously, the harder you drive, the more apparent the good differences listed above will be.

SIDE NOTE The tires I got are slightly smaller than the OEM size. I've heard that this will increase your gear ratio and you will feel a slight performance increase because of this. I honestly feel this is a true statement. Straight line acceleration is slightly improved. If memory serves, it is a 3% difference based on the slightly smaller size.

Cliff notes:

If you are looking for a bang/buck all season tire, there really is no equal to these tires. I would recommend these to anyone seeking a replacement all season tire. For $350 for all four tires, you really can't go wrong. There are equivilant tires out there, but when you compare the costs, Toyo ownz them.
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