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Default let my car sit in the shade for a week and found a problem. 2.7mb worth of pictures.

well long story short car sat in my grandparent's car dock which is well ventilated and cooled for about a week. i come back and the car has trouble starting as in i had to give it some gas to get the engine to fully start. let it idle a bit thinking it just needed a good warm up. pop the hood just for a look over inspection and i find that about 4 hoses had leaked. they weren't currently leaking but they had been. Most likely they had leaked when i started the car because it was very fresh.

so i tightened the hoses back down and figured i was good to go. guess i was cause it got me home (134miles).

the 4 hoses were on the right side of the engine next to the washer fluid tank.

just wondering what anyone else can make of this because all i can think is the screws loosened themselves from being in a cool place for so long.....

which doesnt make much sense.

just gimmie any ideas.?
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