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Talking Power Adding Products and Packages On Sale

We're stocked up with a load of Perrin items ready to bang out the door! Gain that extra horsepower now to get the edge on your friends and make your ride faster then before.

Perrin Turbo Inlet Hoses (blue, red, black)- WRX/STi - $210
Perrin Short ram Intakes (Blue and Red) - WRX/STi - $160
Perrin Radiator Hoses (blue and red) -WRX/STi - $129.99
Perrin Intercooler Y-Pipe Kits - (Blue and Red) - WRX Only- $142
Perrin Catless Downpipes WRX/STi - $379.99 shipped
Perrin Lightweight Pulleys - $125 shipped
Perrin Fuel Rails for WRX or STi - $359.99

Want more torque? Try on a GTSpec Gen II header. Proven to add nearly 20ft/lbs of torque!

GTspec Headers w/ Uppipe - $475

Putting more power down then the stock mounts can handle? Throw in a full set of group N engine, pitting, and tranny mounts and you'll FEEL the difference instantly. The power will go straight to the wheels with group N mounts so there's nothing wasted in the driveline. Works for all Subarus, including the latest STi...which does NOT come with group N mounts.

STi radiator caps - $45 shipped
STi Engine Mounts - $125 shipped
STi 5MT Tranny Mounts - $75 shipped
STi 6MT Tranny Mounts - $75 shipped
STi Pitch Stop Mount - $49.99 shipped

The Prodrive Axle back will mount up to your existing midpipe. You'll get a nice deep throaty boxer burble and with the straight through design you'll gain a few horses as well.

Prodrive Axle Back - Round Tip New Style - $399.99 + shipping

Greddy EVO II catbacks are one of the best street legal 3inch catback systemrs around, but now they're even better! Greddy has finally released the Greddy EVO II which is full stainless steel contructed beauty. No more rusty pipes under your ride. Get high quality fitment and performance you'll feel as soon as it's bolted up. While you're at it...throw a Greddy Front Mount on your ride and lose that heat soak issue with your stock top mount. You'll have a cooler air charge into the engine which means more overall power.

Greddy EVO 2 Catbacks - WRX - $559 shipped
Greddy EVO 2 Catbacks - STi - $559 shipped
Greddy Front Mount Intercooler - $869 + shipping

When you hear those three letters "HKS" then you know it's quality. You certainly get what you pay for when you're purchasing an HKS product. Are you boosting more? Then chances are your stock blow off valve is going to leak that boost off. Get an HKS SSQ Blow off valve and keep hold of that boost....and while you're at is scare grandma in the car nex to you with that unique bov sound from HKS!

HKS SSQ Blow Off Valves -WRX/STi - $269.99 + shipping
HKS Hi-Power Catback Exhaust - WRX/STi - $549.99 + shipping
HKS Carbon Ti-Exhaust - WRX/STi - $759.99 + shipping

PWR Products
PWR Racing Radiators - $459.99

Walbro Fuel Pumps - GSS342 - $89.99
Denso IK22 - One Step Colder Iridium Spark Plugs - $50 shipped

Get a great deal on combination orders. If you have a combo in mind e-mail me and we'll make a deal that will suit your budget. Send combo questions to [email protected]

STi Engine, Tranny, and Pitch Stop for - $222
Perrin Turbo Inlet Pipe, Short Ram, and IC Hoses - $510
Buy Any Catback and get a BOSAL Downpipe for $180 :shock:


Super Power Adder Package #1 WRX (estimated 30-40+ WHP)

Perrin Turbo Inlet Pipe
Perrin Short Ram Intake
Perrin IC Hoses
Perrin Downpipe
Perrin Catback (single or dual tip) or Greddy EVO II (-$200)

TOTAL - $1569.99 shipped! w/ Perrin Catback
TOTAL - $1369.99 shipped w/ Greddy EVO II Catback

Super Power Adder Package #2 STi (estimated 40-50+ WHP)

Perrin Turbo Inlet Pipe
Perrin Short Ram Intake
Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
Perrin Downpipe
Greddy EVO II Catback or Perrin

TOTAL $2299.99 shipped w/ Perrin Catback
TOTAL $2099.99 shipped w/ Greddy EVO II Catback

Need tuning?? Ask us about mailorder Ecutek reflashes for WRX's AND STi's.

To get these great deals through our website please put your nasioc screen name in the comments section of our order form and mention this ad.

Anthony Mauro
[email protected]
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