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Originally Posted by Calebz
SPFI block + Turbo stuff = BOOM!!

Ask will.. his ran like a raped ape.. but only for 24k miles before it ate a piston.

Carb block on the other hand.. well.. Miles has done it, and I will be done with it in the next 2 weeks or so.. I'll let you know.
That thing ran like a friggin cheetah on 'NAWWWZzzz' on racing gas. Pump gas it was REALLY good in the low end and mid range...but past 5200 nothing but detonation...and that killed it. 24k miles, rings were going and the exh valve on #1 had a melt down. 8~8.5 compression is a good performance compromise.

Originally Posted by dusktilldawn
on the broken timing belt thing, is the ea82t an interference engine?
NON-INTERFERENCE engine design...stock that is. change the pistons and cams (lift/duration) and it might be an issue.

Originally Posted by subyluvr2212

I'll state the obvious. An EA82T is very reliable and can produce surprising HP numbers, but you gotta keep em cool, or the heads will crack like eggshells...
It IS reliable when taken care of properly....synthetic oil, and keeping the oil and engine coolant COOL. 180 deg t-stat, and oil cooler.

The stock internals can handle 240~250 hp.
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