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Originally Posted by dusktilldawn
are the intake runners/ports on the ea82t completely seperate? i was thinking of SDS EFI, but they say they do not support engines with siamese intake ports. they do not have any suby 1.8 motors listed as being 'compatible', but that just might mean that no one has done it yet on an ea82t.. or are you all getting big power out of the OE management? cause if i can the oe, i won't spend $$ on a standalone
The intake is separate, but the exh is siamese. The port is PLENTY big on that side...the ony downside is taht there is no headers (except for the limited TWE run for now) readily avalible.

You cannot get BIG numbers (250+) with the stock system. The dizzy is the main limiting factor in power...I think the stock fuel management is ok...but not for 250+ either.

Either way, staying with the stock system and playing with it, you could have a nice reliable 190-210 hp setup, depending on how you build it and what you use.
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