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Originally Posted by kincaid05
I am thinking about building a dune buggy like car on a subaru drive line for the awd. But I'd like to make it rear engine. Does anyone have any information on reversing a Subaru drive line, any year? I know I could run it upside down, but would that be a problem for the transmission oil? I would use a differnt engine on a conversion plate right side up. I was hoping I could just run the "front" differential upside down, and then flip the "rear" (in the transmission) differntial so the transmission can run ride side up. Any info on this method?

If you want reliability, STAY AWAY from VW parts!!
I have tried this in the past and failed, IF you want to have fun 'OFF-ROAD',
you WILL want to go sideways/Drift? Or are you racing Competetively?
MOST off road/BAJA series vehicles are 2WD as classes restrict eng size etc.
I have completed a Conversion on a VW Type3 Chassis with 'Ferrari Dino' 'Glass Bodied Veh. Rear Eng, Rear Drive, Lift BOTH front wheel when Dumped HARD!! The ANSWER?? Porsche "G50" five speed, (Rated for 650HP),
Alternatively, you can go with a Porsche "915" Box, rated for Approx 300HP, (Although I ran one in a Porsche Cup Car/Carrera Cup that was making 450HP), the only faults with the box were driver incurred. (BTW, once we fitted a 'Holley-Blue' Fuel Pump and Tapped the Box with 'Oil-Squirters with Mazda RX7 Oil cooler, these faults ceased!). IF you are going-AWD OFFROAD, You may need to speak to some-one currently competing in that class, or turn up to AWD Buggy Event and have a look at what they have done.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

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