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Default I went to a hotel bar last night. It was an adventure.

Well everyone knows me when it comes to women. I should change my name to Johnny Drama.

Well here's my first THANG report. Went to the the Washington Plaza Hotel last night to meet up with an old college friend in town. He was jet lagged and wanted to sleep some more so I let him and went down to the bar. Nice place, nice atmosphere.

All of a sudden it just starts filling up with hot chics. First off the bartender was cute and we talked for about an hour before the place got full. Then a cute girl from Denver sat next to me and we began conversating. She introduced me to this girl from Macedonia who was just unbelievable. I come to find out that they are all there for a Peace Corps training class and will be leaving in a few days.

So I'm thinking these girls are all leaving, feeling a little scared, and might be up for a last romp before they're off. So I start talking to this girl from Brazil who was just hot as all hell and with them as well. I start flirting and just being funny. Then I asked how the rooms were in this hotel, since I've never been here before. She invites me to check her room out. Next thing I know I'm balls deep twice over the course of an hour and a half with her.

She was like a freaking amusement park ride. Didn't even half to make an excuse to leave since she knew I was meeting my friend. I wished her good luck in the peace corps and gave her a little kiss.

So I go back to the bar and to top the whole night off me and the bartender talk for another hour or so. She asks for my number. I play it cool and say, "I'd ask for yours but I don't want to be another @ss who hits on the bartender. So give me a call and we'll hangout" She smiles and laughs.

So yeah it was a good night.

Cliffnotes: I went to a nice hotel's bar. Met a whole rack of hot chics going into the Peace Corps. Ended up going back to this hot Brazilian girls room. She was like a ride at an amusment park. Top it off by getting good vibes from the cute bartender when I got back to the bar. She asks for my number.

All is right with the world. Drama free as it should be.
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