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Originally Posted by rogue
If we have a member's site, then we're a club, right?

Instead of being a Region, that makes us a NASIOC chapter and we get to move up with NESIC and them.

We need to have an "executive board" (eh??) and have regular meets. Not sure about the board.. we could have a prez and then reps from all the major areas (PGH, Mid PA, various areas in MD, northern VA, VB, richmond, WV)? I emailed Nick about this and IIRC that's what he said. He has not responded to emails since. (I think those 2 emails were the only ones of mine he has ever responded to. He's a busy guy I spose)

I have started 2-3 threads about this, no one seems to be motivated enough to make us a chapter. The pain in the ass is that it's a lot harder for Mid-A to have a true Mid-A meet, than say the bay area people, because we are so geographically scattered. Witness the cluster**** when we tried to create a t-shirt -the DC people wanted a DC logo, the other folk wanted it to be Mid-A. So if we truly wanted chapterdom, it might be better to fork into different groups?
I mean we SORTA have Mid-A meets.. but most people are not willing to drive over 2 hours for a car meet and most people are DEFINITELY not willing to drive over 2 hours for a car meet with any regularity.. (I said "most" - I know some of you guys at the outskirts do it all the time)

Eh.. we should discuss this in its own thread probably, or bump one of the old ones.

The big caveat here is IF we want to be a chapter Up to yall..

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