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Originally Posted by bknblk
Any business that wants to stay in business shouldn't be hard on anybody, much less the purchacers/ fans of their flagship make
The Impreza is not Subaru of America's flagship make nor is it their bread and butter though- they sell something on the order of 10 Outbacks for every Impreza sold, and probably half that many Foresters. They probably sell one Baja for every 300 other cars they sell, but we can't help the fact that the marketing agency they used for the Baja was terrible . I can't tell you how few Legacy GTs, Baja Turbos, and Forester XTs come in with tranny problems (zero thus far at our dealership) even though they have essentially the same clutch and tranny as the WRX does. What's the difference between the GTs, BTs, and XTs? I bet folks can guess .

Modifications outside of the intended specs terrify dealerships and SOA because it's outside of the box; they don't see it often, they aren't trained on them, and they don't get paid for fixing things that aren't the fault of some guy on the line in Japan or Indiana. Are there dealerships out there that look at the big picture and see that a short shifter doesn't cause wheel bearing trouble or that an aftermarket suspension didn't cause a blown set of rings? Sure- I may (or may not ) work for one. Subaru of America should, in all honesty, offer a no-warranty price for the Impreza; not because the warranty is never honored (because it is, and very sketchy things get covered more than people would like to think) but specifically because people heavily modify them more often than any other Subaru model. The Type R and Type RA to the best of my knowledge had zero warranty from the second it came off the line (the Spec C might be the same, but I'm uncertain).


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