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Originally Posted by leecea
The problem, IMHO, is that they market and sell some vehicles by promoting a certain image. If you buy the vehicle and try to do what you see in the marketing, you get told it is abuse.

With the WRX, it is sold as 0-60 in 5.4 secs and we see ads of it doing all sorts of high performance stuff. How many 5.4 sec runs before the tranny breaks?

I bet it is the same with SUVs. If you take them for an off-road pummeling, like they do in the ads, you'll break them and get no warranty help.

I can't think of any other products that are sold based on showing usage that is really abuse. Imagine if they advertised a ladder that claimed to hold 250lbs then told you it was abuse if you actually put 250lbs on it.
What I find hard to believe is that some folks will use this argument when it's obvious the techniques/claims in most of these "professional driver on closed course" commercials could easily lead to premature component failure (as you mentioned). ......are people that naive or gullible to believe they can do this to their own vehicle without consequence?
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