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We are probably working from many differing definitions buthere are a few:

In 2002 when I bought my WRX it was the end all be all subaru. many people who never ever even thought about subaru and most certaintly were not passionate about subaru were drawn in by it alone. Flagship.

The 5.4 second deal has a special place in my heart. It is billed, for all intents and purposes as a specification. ie. this tool will do this job. That is above and beyond the adverage run of the mill car ad showing all kinds of nonsence. Everyone knows cars can't fly, drive down the front of a car carriers etc. etc. but when you QUANTIFY an action you're scum to not stand behind it.

As for Legs and foresters not having the issues the WRX's are having...They're not sold to the same group and in the same way as to make the owner think he bought a tool that will do the job it was marketed to do(and won't).

I'm amused again at how bold SOA and it's defenders are. We are told in one sentence that it's not really a performance car and if it is it should be handled carfully on gravel roads as to limit the chance traction will break the car and in the next Subaru dealers across the country are lining up to find the new ESX lady dragracer.... I can't count the # of times Hondaslayer's said "IT"S NOT A DRAG CAR!!! IT"S A RALLY CAR!!!"

Why doesn't it occur to you that if SOA is having all these problems with "abusers" Dragging there cars, promoting WRX dragracing is just DUMB.
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