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Originally Posted by bknblk
Both of these agruments unfortunatly peg the bogus meter with me. When the local dealerships Paint "5.4 sec. 0-60 MPH!! In letters about 15 feet tall on the showroom windows, they OWN THE NUMBER. I couldn't care less if they got them from Ms. Cleo.....

Second, if you really wanted these stupid young drivers to stop breaking your cars doing something it wasn't ever even remotely intended for, You wouldn't sponsor similar activities. SOA doesn't really care if they do, it's more money for them when the tranny craps itself. This national promotion of WRX dragracing sends the message loud and clear that SOA puts sales first, customer satisfaction/ car life second. It just says that if I come up with something, oh lets say underwater WRX racing and SOA thought it would sell cars, They'd do it in a heartbeat. Still don't get the picture??

Why doesn't SOA put all their motorsports backing into Rallying?? They've actually pulled back their partisipation in the one form of motorsports they sell good basic foundation equipment for. WRC got me to the Subaru dealer...

They want it both ways and will end up with nothing.
So you think Subaru should warranty cover a car used for rallying, or drag racing, or what ever because they have a motorsports program that backs these activities? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! What manufacturer does that?

I wonder what strange looks John Force would get trying to bring his Ford dragster into the local dealer for warranty work!

Subaru doesn't want it both ways, idiot owners do.

Subaru states in print (Owners manual) what can/will impact the defect warranty offered with the car. It's the non-reading owners who think they can race, rally whatever their cars and get them fixed for free.
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