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Default Installed a Unichip Today

I installed my Unichip this morning. It's been raining and there are spots with leaves on the road (I can't believe it's that time already) so I haven't had a chance to wring it out.

My initial impression is that the power is very linear. It comes on smooth and aggressively. Before the chip, I really felt the car kick me in the seat of the pants in second gear, more so than first, in fact. Now, first and second are the same--it pulls enough that you have to pay attention to keeping the wheels on the ground. The car also pulls harder in third gear. But like I said, that's about all I was able to discern on my 10 mile commute to work.

My chip was mapped for cat-back exhaust, short ram air intake, and uppipe (without cat). I also have a lighter crankshaft pulley and a manual boost controller on the car. I think the MBC has to come off--I have a querry into the people who did the mapping.

I bought the GP Moto short ram air intake on the recommendation of dealer (not the one I actually bought the Unichip from). Evidently, the chip is mapped for that intake. Previously, I had a K&N air filter in there.

You have two map options--one for regular and the other for premium gas. I threw a CEL on the regular gas map, which apparently happens in 30% of cars that are sensitive to detonation. Nothing seems amiss with the alternate map. In addition to a switch to choose between maps, there's a power-cut switch that is used to reset the ECU and to clear a CEL.

Installation takes about 30 minutes, give or take. You have to pull back part of the carpet on the passenger side and take of the ECU protective cover (four screws). Unplug four plugs from the ECU, plug those into the harness and plug the harness into the ECU. You also plug the harness into the Unichip along with a driver's module (the wires for the two switches also go into this module). Takes really it.

The kit comes with velcro strips to hold everything in place. I haven't buttoned up everything yet because I wanted to make sure all was copacetic.

So, I've got some more driving to do before I announce my verdict. The place where I bought the Unichip doesn't have a four-wheel Dyno, so getting it tuned there wasn't an option. I'm not sure what's available in my area just yet.

On the way home tonight I had a chance to floor it in a couple of short straights. The thing is a rocket! I have no idea what sort of HP I'm putting down but my set up is almost identical to Vishnu's Stage 3 (I have a cat-back, not a turboback) and they say it puts a WRX at 300-310 HP. Who knows? It's just fun to drive. I can't wait to really try it out this weekend.
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