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Are we racing yet?


the issue with this type of street tuning is that all of it is highly theoretical... if someone is successful at a certain AFR at a certain boost it has little bearing what I can get to. 12.2 AFR is the theoretical max power stated in that book.... (for forced induction) but practically speaking that statement means nothing to me as a guy on the street tuning my own car. many people also don't consider where they are in the turbo's efficiency range. you maybe able to get max power at a certain AFR advance combo but how long is the question... no matter how one is tuning you are shortening the lifespan of the engine and drivetrain... its a given... how much shorter is the question... its the balance between power and how long the engine will last.

For c16 I wouldn't necessarily lean out the mixture. I wouldn't go beyond 11's. What I would do is keep advancing to where you feel good about the power and having no knock. I would never live with knock in any circumstances, not going up steep hills, having a lot of people in may car, boosting for 10 seconds in a gear etc. I believe its unacceptable in a street car... but to each their own. Also sideways for where you live you need to tune for the larger changes in weather... it really makes a big difference...

so the only certainty one should remember is to do things in baby steps...
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