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Question Dual stage or Single MBC ???

I'm not sure what to do here, only because I'm not sure just how watered down my motor really is... If anyone here can Help me out a little bit, I will make a better informed decision on my next purchase.

I'm researching manual boost controllers, I've been around turbo cars for a while so I see the gains all the time, now that I got my own It's time for me to choose between a Dual stage with in cabin switch, or single stage Adjustible.

Does Anyone know if the stock baja's 11.6 Psi is set lower then it can handle or what? I thought the STI has about 13 maybe? but I realize we have certain different parts internally. I'm guessing the pistons and rods are the same correct? I'm looking to get a dual stage boost controller from Turbo XS so I can go tune it for 13 and 17 psi. I needed to know if 17 is to high for being bone stock, or if I can get away with that for a few passes down the track, or a good impressive dyno run? I wont be running 17 every day, but more then likely, I will run the 13 psi constantly, and I'm an easy driver .. I only get on it to pass people on highways and such.. No nonsence street racing.

Along with that, Does anyone here have that dual stage controller, and if so how do you like it? I'm guessing no by lack of threads about performance upgrades around here but.. I'm going to be doing just a couple, Like the Boost controller, (some how a BOV which i dont see anybody doing either for some reason??) and a tri gauge A pillar pod to monitor my tune. nothing spectacular, just meters for watching and helping with the Tune of the boost controller.

anyway sorry for the really long post here people, Just had to say it all I think I covered it.. any help would be appreciate, thanks in advance, ~ Brett (New 05 turbo baja owner)

Extra: If anyone has a mbc, please post photo for me ?? and specify just what type it is thanks!
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