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nah, im in west Nj i just dont know how to navigate to my profile to fix it yet

the screen stands for some old terms atx = automatic transmission

2005 baja turbo automatic w/ sportshift , thats what my s/n stands for.

As for the first post, yes that does help, but you drive a wrx i guess? the guy who posted below you says i cant hit over 13 or the motor will bog or something? thats bad news, and yeah ... haha I spent all my lunch break today reading about BOV's and as far as i saw the recirculating system we have is kinda dependant on running the motor properly, so i wont be doing that mod, its not like other cars that dont account for air before it even makes it into the manifold i guess.. reguardless of how it works it confused me, but i did gather it would posibly be a bad idea, and i do want the sound, but its not worth aggrivation to me. I am perfectly fine with just driving it as is, i still hear it to be honest its just silent you hear it recirculate if you really get on it in first or second and let off at max rpm's youll see what i mean if you do this. (sportshift mode of course) then totally let off the gas, its audible to you from in the cabin, but after 2'nd youre going so fast the white noise around you from the wind with windows down just drowns the sound out totally.

As for the MBC to keep on the topic how ever, can i tune it to 13 PSI and not risk messing anything up in my truck or should i just stay stock (is the gain with the $$ or not basically)

thanks guys ~ Brett
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