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Name: Jeff K

Make: 03 WRX

Mileage: 20K

Time Out Of Use: 1 day

Problem And Likely Cause: ABS kicks in on dry pavement for no good reason. All it takes is me to brake from 30mph over a small bump or 2 in drop.

Modifications: Tein S -Tech sloweing springs. 18 inch wheels

Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No): Yes

Reason Given For Denial: All lowered subarus do it.

Your Story: Took it in to Puyallup Subaru for service. I asked them to look at the brakes. They ga ot it at 8am. They drove the car at around 2 pm or later, then called me at 5:30. I reset my odometer before i took it in. They only drove it maybe a half mile to a mile. They were supposed to check the tranny too. I don't see how that could be done when they barely drove it if at all.
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