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Originally Posted by Nytmare're going to pay 30g's for a car with extreme styling and performance, and then take away the styling? And to anyone who knows anything...a car with an FMIC is no sleeper, I don't care what it looks like. An RS with an FMIC obviously has some work done, I don't care if it's an STi that looks like an RS, or a real RS.

I don't understand why anyone would want to tone down the looks of the STi. If you don't want it to look like one, get an RS or WRX, save all the money on the STi and its insurance, and just dump all your savings into whatever car you buy.

IMO that's the logical way to go about something slower, cheaper, less of a cop magnet, and make it fast. To buy something built to be flashy and fast, and take away half of it, as Mick said, IMHO is lame.

Ok then, find me a parts and install price for an EJ257, 6MT with dccd and Brembo brakes that costs less than the difference between the wrx and the STI price?

The difference in insurance cost is basically negligable for me.

Also a black anodized FMIC is barely noticeable with the stock body parts.

There more reasoning for buying an STI over a WRX than a big spoiler and STI badging. Remeber what Lance says, "Driven by whats inside." Its whats inside that makes an STI what it is.
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