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Originally Posted by AzSandSlinger
I covered this in another thread...

a conservative estimate on a used '02 WRX would be ~17k (lower for one with less options like a spoiler, etc...)

Then you can add:

a type RA 6MT with rear diff can be had for about 4k (add DCCD for ~$700)
UP, VF-34, TBE, intake and associated Turbo parts (BOV, hoses, etc..) can be had for 2k
FMIC can be had for .8k
struts/springs would run about 1k
brembo's would run 1.5k (there are other less costly brakes that are comparable..)
rims/tires to clear the Brembo's (going cheap here) .5k

Keep in mind that there are costs that can be recouped in a sell..(tranny, Turbo, brakes, etc..) that will lower the cost even more..

granted it's not an EJ257.. but your going to spank most of the STi's out there.. You can go even cheaper if you go to an RA gearset rather than a 6MT swap.. They both have the same final gear ratio and the RA handles well from what I hear...

Short story: you can have an STi killer AND a sleeper for under 25k...

Where do you buy your parts, cause those are the most amazing prices I've ever seen!

Based on your estimates with some cost added because some of your prices are ridiculously low youd be looking at just over $10k. Buy a new WRX for say $24k plus the $10k, your already over an STI and your only looking at around 200 WHP because you left out EM. Honestly to bring a wrx up to a stock STI's performance your looking at probably $12-15k. On top of that you have to consider the insatll charges which would be hefty even with selling the removed parts to offset the cost. Even then your pushing a smaller engine and your never going to have the same driveability as the EJ257 with the added torque.

Now say I went your route with a used WRX. I get a great deal on one for $17k. I then put the conservatively estimated $12k into it and I've spent $29k. I'm still slower than a stock STI and the hadling isnt as good. I'd rathger spend the extra $2k and own an STI.

No offense to you at all but it seems to me alot of people are standoffish about the STI. Its not that much more than a new wrx, unless of course your buying used and just really like to tune your own car, which I completely understand, been there done that, loved it, still do.

Ok, I'm done.
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