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Default Brullen Sound Clip & Pics on a '98 Legacy L w/ 4EAT

Note sound clips were done on a '98 Legacy L sedan w/ 4EAT.
This is a Brullen 2.25" piping, dual 3" tip quiet acoustic set-up

The mic was about 30cm away from the car. (Please note, this was a really crappy mic, it was recording @ 22.5KHz @ 8bit mono) Does not do justice for the sound at all.

"Play-by-play" commentaries are given

Please note, there's a cold-air intake on the car too. Sound quality may not be the best, please post your email here if you'd like me to directly email you the sound files.

Idling outside of car

Idle inside cabing

Neutral Reving

Reving to 3000rpm in the cab also 5000rpm

On the road, in cabin (resididental)

On the road, in cabin, cruising at 50km/h or so

Higher speed cruising and acceleration

Acceleration etc.

The following are some pics :

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