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Default all points well taken...

Lachlan: All of the swaybars (starting with the new Legacy ones in early December) will be the hgih gloss red currently found on the STi bar. Most dealers should have the new color by the first of February.

Aegon: Your e-mail should have been handled better than that. There have been several (minor) changes to the inlet hose mandrels over the past two years. Current models do have a slightly different shape and a better fit at the turbo. Admittedly, the cure rates on each color of silicone will change how tight the tolerance may be at each of the nipples and holes. We make every effort to verify proper fit after the item comes back from the oven adn is trimmed. Some will inevitably slip past QC and into boxes. This is NOT done intentionally and we try to prevent all of those problems.

b0dh1: No excuse the part should have the items required to install it properly in the box. Again not an excuse but just to point out; we have changed many things in our QC, packaging and shipping departments in the past six months. These changes have been ongoing and the current likelihood of a missing part has been significantly reduced. We are human and mistakes will still be made although serious efforts are being made to reduce those problems. Also, if those items were missing please contact not only the selling dealer but us directly. We answer all e-mails within 24 hours during the week or on the following business day. If you don't get a response, we didn't get the mail. Call us please! We want to help.

tekfoc: We have considered this before and have produced the up-pipe in that fashion before. It is somewhat price prohibited while still using 321 stainless. A thought might be to use a slightly lower grade stainless and then coat it. Thanks for the input I will pass it along!

jblaine: The new website is in the works right now. I will mention this to see what we might be able to do to accomodate online instructions. At this point each rep has an updated copy of each instruction set and will e-mail to anyone who requests a copy.

Thanks again! Keep it up we truly appreciate it!

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