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Default CHP. Freaking out.. am I fuxored???

Quick skinny, I was arrested for wreckless driving a few months ago. Spare the lectures about driver saftey, I drive slower than most grannies.

The officer was really flagrent.. arrested me, impounded my car, wrote up the nastiest report i've ever heard of. After consulting my attorney, she found out he has a history of flagrent arrests.. even arrested some guy for driving 70 mph for a wreckless, and detained his two 3 year olds in the car while he sat in jail (nice).

Anyhow to cut to the chase, today was my court date and I can't tell if we got hammered or not. Everyone kept telling me how lucky I was with the slap on the wrist I received.. but I really am freaked out. The judge reduced the fine down to $33 (yah), sentanced me to one day in jail (time served for the day i sat in jail when arrested), and dropped the misdermeanor. Instead he reduced it to infractions, THREE of them.

Speeding over 100mph (2 pts)
Unsafe lane changes

Now last I checked, that totals 4 points.. I have 0 points on my record, am I just hosed? My attorney mentioned something about there being a maximum point per citation but I haven't found anything on the subject- can't tell if she's just trying to lesson the blow to me.

Does anyone know?

Anyone want to buy a 320hp silver 02 jdm-sti lookalike?

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