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Take a look at the video from the AutoX in my previous post. That was done doing a variation of the "Scandanavian Flick".

1) With the tires I was using (BFG G-Force KD), the pressures were set at 50 psi front, and 40 psi rear. The tire pressures will vary with the type of tires you use.
2) Accelerate in a straight line up to 35 mph
3) Push full throttle and turn your wheel 90 degrees to the left, just enough to compress the RHS suspension
4) Reduce throttle input (0 throttle) (weight transfer) and gradually turn your wheel 90 degrees to the right.
5) The car will enter a drift forcing the tail of the car outwards (left) modulate your throttle lightly to keep the drift going or push hard on the throttle to power out.

Practice makes perfect...


Note: Do this only in a closed / controlled environment supervised by professional instructors, if you are doing this for the first time. Do not do this on the open road, please!!!!
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