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Exclamation My First Molson Indy

Well, this was my first Indy. Here is my summary of the days events:

I arrived @ about noon. Parking was easy and I paid $15 for the day in a lot on the opposite side of BC Place and walked to the venue. The second I got out of the car I could hear the Indy Lights cars blasting around the track, though it wasn't the actual sound of the cars I was hearing. Instead it was the sound muffled into a buzz that echoed of every building in downtown Vancouver.

I walked in the gates to the sight of about 15 20 year old girls in skin-tight red suits walking in formation towards the track. I politley approached the girl @ the front and asked if I could get my picture taken with them. "Sure!" she exclamed. So I stood there in the middle of the concourse with all the girls squeezing to be close to me, ready to have our pictures taken when suddenly two wacko mascots run out and give me a noogie in front of everyone. So I had to stand there a little longer to have re-take. Sheesh!

Soon after the end of the Indy Lights race, the PaceCar show began. 6 modifed street cars with flashing lights 'n stuff zipped around the track @ a fairly good clip. The girl in the Blue Viper came within 5 feet of smashing the tail into the wall right in front of me. In doing so she succesfully scared the **** outta me and I spilled my Coke on my sweatshirt. There goes that shirt...

Then, about an hour later the race began, and let me just say the race was rediculous. It was so loud you couldn't talk to your buddies about the race, let alone hear what the announcer was saying. So as a result you couldn't tell who was where because the cars went by so damn fast it boggles the mind. I was forced to eat a massive over-priced Smokie from a local vendors for lunch and dripped BBQ sauce all over myself (again) as I was standing @ the chicane when there was a sudden streak of colour followed by a blast of heat and noise. There goes shirt #2...

After the CART race there was the traditional podium festivities, yada yada yada, more of the girls wrapped in red (being doused with champagne I might add making the suits tighter). Then to my astonishment, Mr. Winner proceeded to grab Ms. Indy's ass as their picture was being taken (and she called him on it too!).

THEN!... there was the SCCBC race which was quite entertaining as it was more of a destruction derby then a race! One guy had his front end smashed in so he went to the pits. He had the entire front of his body removed, hood included. So now there's this skeleton racing around. Then the skeleton car rammed another car into the wall on the back straight and was black flagged! The highlight of the race was the red 450hp 300ZX-TT which was damn fast, and literally whistled as it flew past.

All these things combined made today the best day of my life. I wouldn't miss next years Molson Indy Vancouver for anything. The sights, the sounds, it was incredible. So for all those who haven't done it... DO IT! Before those whiny old geezers with their MOVE INDY X sings have their way. It's the greatest thing in the world. Goodnight all,


PS - Bad luck for the CDN's... Maybe next year GO PLAYERS + KOOL GREEN!
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