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Thumbs up Subaru Legacy GT Focus Group

Went to a Subaru Legacy focus group last night. Subaru hired an independent company to talk with perspective buyers and owners of Subaru Legacy GT's. The focus group consisted of 4-10 people with a moderator (recorded and video taped). The first group was the perspective buyers and the second group was us.. the owners. We were asked to review the brochures of Subaru's new Legacy vrs. Audi A4, Volvo C70 Sedans and BMW M3.

From the focus group it is very apperent that Subaru is trying to find a upscale image with the new Legacy. It was also apperent that they wanted the image to be performance oriented. When the first group (perspective buyers) came out they were all taking about the A4 and BMW. I don't know if Subaru reached them. When it came time for us (4 Legacy GT owners) we all had mixed reactions to the fact that Subaru wanted to make an upscale performance image out of the Legacy.

We all agreed that the new GT was a great looking car but feelings were mixed on the image. We all taked about 'practical, dependable, safety and value for the money'. We discussed the pros and cons of each vehicle and what each brochure was targeting and the points they were trying to convey.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. We each received 50 bucks to boot! When the moderator asked if we had any final comments I made the following remark: "If Subaru wants to market this car in the same breath as the Audi and BMW they are going to have to add some bite to the bark. Bring us the B4 twin turbo or get the Flat 6 in this car. Otherwise when magazines like Road&Track and Moter Trend get ahold of this car they are going to be dissapointed by a 2.5 165hp flat 4. And Subaru will not get any respect or credibility to back the attempted image."

The others in the group agreed fully. It was great to get to express my feelings to SOA. I hope they take notice of what the overall feeling was of the group. Hopefully they will be suprised that some Subaru owners know about and long for the B4.. if only in our dreams.
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