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Dispite all the misinformation about Byrons car I think he has accomplished a very professional "looking" installation, we will have to wait for some "real" hp numbers to determine if it runs as good as it looks! As for removing the MAF, look at it this way, you can buy 2 or 3 seperate controllers to do everything you want (fuel/ignition/wastegate/etc) and still be stuck with the restriction of the MAF, OR, buy an aftermarket engine management system, like Byron did, and remove all of the limitations associated with the stock ECU plus give you all the power you need to adjust ALL the parameters of your setup! Check these guys out to learn some of the advantages. They have a fairly affordable system (almost cheap compared to some others) if people are confident enough to use these in airplanes I don't have a problem using it in my car! Of course you still have to tune it.......... They will send the unit to you with a base map for your engine combo so you will be able to start the car. So why mess around trying to "fool" the stock ECU?

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