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Default I don't like Macs either...

Sorry to say, but I find the MacIntosh interface sad and difficult to use. Please don't lecture me saying that Mr. Gates ripped off the Mac's interface! Heck, Mac is a rip-off of the research done at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto!

Mac's HANG and FREEZE! The stoopid circular mouse on the newer G4's are a HORRIBLE UI design! I'm glad the latest Mac's have a more elongated mouse. Also, the old(er) G4 keyboards suck too! The newer ones are more like PC keyboards (what was that? They're more like PC keyboards? Yes, you heard me correct! ) When a Mac hangs, no ugly error message pops up. It just stops in its tracks. At least a PC throws up on you and you know something is wrong!

Do I like PC's? You betcha. I've been using them since I was 10. Macs are for the "artsy" people. PC's are for the rest of us who could care less than the best!


ps -- I'd rather have a Linux box or even better, a SPARC station!
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