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Ya know what?

I was watching speedvision the other night and they had this seriously tuned audi wagon that made me very very jealous.

twin turbos, an insane amount of horsepower (like 590 or something), and AWD.

Well, I paid good $$$ for my 99 Outback (New in June 1999) so unless I total it, I'm not getting another car for awhile.

I have a bit of cash saved up that I was going to build a new computer with, but I'm thinking that $1200 or so could get me some nice stuff.

The main issue I want to address is body roll. Second issue is brakes. Third is sound. Fourth issue is rims/tires.

I just spent $500 on new tires a few months ago so I'm not quite ready to ditch the 15inch rims and new michelin rainforce tires, so now would be a good time to get everything else done.

I think Teague's shop is only about a 4 hour drive from here and I have a friend who lives less than an hour away who I can stay with for a weekend.

Order the parts, schedule the install, give 'em the car.

The only small hitch in those plans are what parts to get and where the cash comes from.

I know (now) the Outback isn't the best car for modding etc, however I still like it. I have fun in it. An impreza would not make it through the crap I have taken my outback through (not without a decent amount of damage).

I want my Outback to handle BETTER on the road and if the dirt/offroad capabilities are improved then all-the-better.

I'm going to send Dale Teague's shop an email after I balance my checkbook and check my calender to make sure I have the time and money (So I don't end up wasting their time and/or money).

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