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See all those little red dots on the picture below? They are the original green lamp coveres(will actually be green on a normal radio), take those off and slip one or two lamp covers over each one. You know your a neat freak when your table looks like this:
Now you are going to have to deal with the screen, this is tricky if you donít know what you are doing, so pay attention. On the back of the board there are 4 little tabs (circled blue) that are bent sideways to hold the screen surround in place, bend them with your fingers or pliers so they look like Ė and they can slip through the slot in the board. Look carefully at the part thatís circled red, thatís solder, make sure you identify properly before melting it, it should be a little clip coming off of the screen surround that goes through the board. Heat up your soldering iron and hold it to that red circled part, make certain you touch nothing else with the iron, while the solder is liquefied slide the metal screens surround off of the circuit board.
You will see two more lamps under there, pull off the old lamp covers and put on your new ones.
Reheat the solder and slide the screen surround back in place.
Bend back the little tabs (blue circles).
Finish off by re-installing in reverse order.
Note: This may sometimes take more than one bulb cover to get the desired color, on a side note, I tried blue using the lamp cover method, it came out a little too teal for my liking, the red color spectrum works far better.

Modification of your car involves risks and may void your warranty. I can not be held responsible for the modifications you consciously decide to undertake nor the results of doing so.If you believe anything is incoorect in this post or you have something to add please PM me.
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