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Cool TSD Rally in Minnesota

Ran the Il Diavolo Rally in southern Minnesota on Saturday in my '97 Legacy GT sedan. 7 cars were entered and we finished in 6th overall (5th in class). We were running SOP (seat of pants) so we didn't do any calculating and were basically trying to just have fun.

My first impressions on the car in this type of event was to get some Hakkas. I have my stock street tires on still. All the other cars had Hakkas or Blizzaks. There was three other Subarus, two Mitsubishi Eclipses and a Ford Festiva. We beat the Festiva, but they were novices. Well, we did have a lot of fun.

One Eclipse went off the road but got pulled out by a local. We didn't have any close moments, but it was hard to average the 40mph CAST with those tires.

Added an 18mm rear sway bar from an OB two days before the event and that did help the turn-in a bit, but I really needed the extra traction some Hakkas would have provided.

It was a lot of fun and left a few pounds of mud on my garage floor this morning as I left for work.

If you have never entered a TSD rally, find one and do it. It's great and cheap. Plus, you get to compete with a friend/spouse in the car with you.

Any questions, let me know...
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