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Yeah, that's about right.


"bigger and better"?

I'm what you call a "leaf node" worker. So I report to 15 layers of middle management and the buck stops here when it comes to actually getting stuff done. Being a megalomaniac at heart (ENTJ personality here fellas), I'm not the happiest person in the world when I go to work. But that's OK, because you need grey hairs to be respected in the business world. So no rush, eh?

So the best advice I have for you is to be patient. Just like I'm waiting to become older, better educated, and wiser before I can really start to have career satisfaction. So it is for getting in the door. I was just lucky that there were jobs everywhere in San Diego in 1998. The situation now is more like the Gen-X days of 1991-94. Honestly I'm too young to know what a bad economy is like, so we're both learning how to deal with it.

One thing I do see is that the Vancouver tech industry will do better than the world average in the next few years. Of course, if the world economy is going down the toilet, that doesn't mean we won't too ... but I do think there are some VERY good reasons for R&D to be here. So keep up your technical skills, geek out and read Slashdot every day, and when something good bites, reel it in!
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