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Hey Trey!

It's been a while, you called me about a year ago when I was trying to bring WRX motors and trannys to the states. Anyhow...After thinking this through I believe it would be more benifical to just swap to either the new SOHC or the DOHC heads, we should see a hp gain just from doing this!

To be honest, I can't see sticking $6 to $700 on a set of cams for a set of poor flowing heads, I would rather buy a set of cams for some heads with potential.

Question #2, I am currently running at 12psi (8.5 is stock) with the stock turbo, actually stock everything except the drop-in K&N. I will have to admit though, I know very little and have read even less about backpressure per boost ratios, is there an 'ideal' ratio? I would guess it changes with respect to the goal you are trying to achieve (street/strip/rally/etc.)?

#3 As long as it will idle with the lights/air on I will be happy Actually, once I get my EGT gauge and my homebuilt dual K-type thermocouple display installed the TDO4/intercooler/3" from turbo back exhaust installed I can give you a better answer

#4 Redline is 6250 or 6500, with the added boost pressure it actually pulls quite strong to redline.

Don't feel bad for not knowing much about the turbo Legacy, there is scarce little info around about these and even less about performance tuning, in this respect we are all newbies! Just this past week we finally found out what the factory boost cut is set at!

Hmmm, dyno............does a G-Tech Pro count?

I personally will upgrade to better flowing heads, which ones I am yet unsure of. Maybe you can help, my research tells me that the hydraulic lash adjusters become an issue as rpm's/boost increases. My question is this: did Subaru produce any heads with solid lash adjusters? I also heard that the heads from a STi type RA version 3(?) used better castings with improved cooling and more material around the ports (for future porting), true?

I have got to say, I am quite impressed with the work you have done to date with the boxer, keep the goods coming!

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