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Trey, again much thanks for the info.

As I mentioned to Trey earlier, I do agree that swapping the heads is surely the way to go if you are looking down the road invisioning big horsepower. But, I inquired if it was possible to make a set of cams that would be able to make improvements to the heads/airflow we are given from the start. Who knows, maybe the factory had an extremely conservative cam design and a set of aftermarkets would make vast improvements. Then again, on the flip side, maybe it would be found that a set of aftermarkets would be of little help. I'm sure this is stuff Trey would have to find out but I would definately be interested to know.

I would also be very interested to know what the price of a total head swap would be and also any additional parts that would be needed(if any) besides the actual heads/pulleys. I know it would depend on what kind of heads you got, but still, a round about idea would be nice. I do agree with Pete, if the head swap was anywhere close to the price of just swapping cams, it would pay to do the heads. However, if we are talking 3 times as much for a head swap AND it is proved that cams alone can produced a very nice increase, I'd go with the cams in a second, simply because this car is my daily driver and I know it is never going to be a 12 second car. Respectable performance is all I'm looking for(especially on a "household" budget ).

I guess we wait and see what is found out about the stockers and then see if Trey feels a set of cams would be worth the effort. flatfour, we are depending on you

I'm with Pete on the redline, right around 6 grand is plently I would think. As far as back pressure per boost ratios, I am clueless. I can tell you I probably wouldn't run anymore then 15psi with a bit of work done to the turbo(or a different one all together). It would be nice to have a somewhat livable idle but on the other hand my idle has never been smooth as silk either .

Trey, again, thanks for offering your expertise. It's nice to know you are an equal opportunity Subaru tuner
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