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Post My *new* Wagon...

Ok... well, not new per se, but hot-damn.

University Subaru in Seattle called me at 3pm yesterday and told me that my car was ready, and I asked when I would have to bring it back to get the new parts put in, they were like: "No, it is *ready*, all work done". <sound of jaw dropping>

So, $800 worth of warranty work later, done the day I brought it in: Repaced faulty Air/Fuel Sensor and replaced the Engine Control Module.

Let's just say that I did not recognise my car while I drove it home. Throttle response: fast, Torque: pulls, and just feels great overall. And Bob: you asked about the symptoms, read the other post for what they are, but they come on *slow*, like over months... I did not realize how bad it had gotten until it was fixed (I should have listened to Euroauto and taken it in sooner!).

Got home, had some dinner, and then went back to work on the "other" stuff:
First was the Kartboy short-shifter. Took about 20 minutes to install, very easy. It popped right in with Kartboy's trick: put the shift knob on the new shifter, set it in the socket, and slam with the heel of your hand straight down on the shifter... no problem. The shift is so short now I don't know what to do with myself. I'll put the bushings in this weekend when I can get it up on some jack-stands, and review monday.

Last and far from least: I put my HomeDepot intake back on. It took much longer than usual because I took a full roll of pictures... every step documented. I'll write up a HowTo after I get the pics scanned.

So, in conclusion: my wagon is back to *way* better than normal. I took it for a drive and it is running like a dream...

Enough of my ramblings for now...

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