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Default "Whirring" noise on the WRX

02 WRX, all stock, 65k

I'm up in MN, at the end of last week we were hit with a ton of snow. As a result of some drifts, I got stuck in 2' drift one evening. After 5-10 min I did manage to free myself. This was accomplished by rocking and just giving it some gas. I shifted normally- ie, no redlining, but I did get the in the 5-6k range. I didnt ride the clutch, I switched between forward and reverse often, but not with the RPM's up or the wheels spinning.

Question 1- while doing this, and shortly after, there was an odd smell. I dont know how to describe it other than just 'not right'. I was hoping it was just the tires (ie, one would catch bare pavement and smoke or something). I'm unsure about that tho, any ideas if the above mentioned driving would cause something?

Question 2- The car runs, and starts up fine, smooth, no problems. But now there is a higher-pitched (not squealing) 'whirring' noise that accompanies the normal sound of the engine. Sounds somewhat similar to high rpms on a sport bike. It seems to go in tune with the normal hum and, relative to sitting in the drivers seat, it sounds like its on the left of the engine bay.

Any ideas?
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