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Originally Posted by ibis
Awesome Jon. When did we piss in your Cheerio's I wonder
Not mine, someone else's. From your own forums at;f=11;t=001109:
about 5 weeks ago, my beloved Sonic Yellow 03 was horrifically obliterated (rammed from behind at a dead stop by a semi doing 40 mph or so [Thumbs Down!] ). At the time, I was running Stage 1 (reflashed via my AccessPort); however, the AccessPort hardware was not in the car at the time. I've now bought another Sonic Yellow 03. [Thumbs Up!] My question is this: presumably, my AccessPort is still married to my destroyed car, and there's now no way to unmarry it (the entire front end was also destroyed by the various vehicles I was pushed into). In this situation, what are my options? Is there a way for me to use my AccessPort with the new car, or maybe for Cobb to unmarry it if I send proof of the destruction of my last vehicle? I'd appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks.


I called Cobb yesterday, and they said they'd reset the AccessPort for $395!!! That seems very steep to me -- I'd think they could do better. No sympathy for wrecked cars, I guess... [Frown]
And, of course, there's this thread in your forums:;f=11;t=001164. It contains this post from Josh at Cobb, which also, coincidently, uses that "pissing in Cheerios" phrase:
Man, there has been a rash of people who have sold or totaled a car or sold the AccessPort without properly un-marrying the AccessPort lately. And it seems that it is our fault when it does happen. I do not know how much clearer we can get beyond “REVERT TO STOCK”.

Basically you have the hardware and not the license. We charge $200.00 for those that had the AccessECU and are getting the AccessPort. That leaves the remaining $395.00 as the license and is what we charged them when they purchased the AccessECU. So to be fair to the thousands that have the AccessPorts or AccessECUs the correct charge in this situation is $395.

The fact is that if we were to just make you AccessPort work with any ECU again there would be two cars with the AccessPort maps on them. The car you traded in would have the map you loaded on it, and your new car would as well. That is two for the price of one when you break it down. That would be like calling Microsoft and saying “Hey Microsoft I want one copy of Windows to work on two computers”. How can we be held responsible for a person’s mistake or misunderstanding in that type of situation?

I do honestly feel bad that you have an AccessPort that is unusable on your current car at the moment, but it is impossible for us to distinguish one situation from another. You will have to forgive us, but I remember one of the first things said on the forums when we announced the AccessPort was “So who is going to be the first to buy one and ship it around the country so we can all get free or cheap reflashes?” It amazes me how we can offer a product that is more convenient to use, more accessible, the same if not better results, the ability to do things like valet mode, check boost, read and clear CEL’s……….and then offer it at the same if not lower price and still be seen as a bad guy in situations where things like this were out of our control.

JRSCCivic98 – To be blunt I do not know how we pissed in your Cheerios…..nor do I care. But continue to have fun. [Smile] I just hope that your venom is based upon something tangible and not just blind furry based upon a few posts that represent a very, very small portion of the people that actually buy our products.

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