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Default Ebay Intake vs Stock Intake Dyno Results

Hello all,

mi_cistemz_loudr, previously sent me his Ebay intake to dyno test on my car. I received it and completed dyno testing it against my stock intake and my Minnam Intake. I'm ONLY posting up stock vs Ebay intake since this post isn't about my Minnam intake. Let's cut to the chase.

Car: 1997 2.2ltr Subaru Outback Sport Wagon (AWD/Auto)

Current mods:
Unorthodox underdriven pulley
2.25" cat back exhaust/Dual Remus Muffler

Using 89 octane gas. Tire pressures are good. I did 4 runs a piece (12 total if you count my other 4 for the Minnam intake [not shown]). 2 runs were done at a time and the ECU unplugged until intake temps dropped below 89F (measured by a laser temp probe). Once temps were cool enough, ECU was plugged back in. HP/TQ figures used are the 2nd highest of the two most consistent runs.

*I need to pick up my wife shortly so I'm posting this up quickly*

Here is a horsepower graph showing the Ebay intake vs the stock intake in 3rd gear.

*Note at 4800rpm, the Ebay intake makes 94.88whp vs the stock intakes 84.88whp. A full 10whp difference in some areas on a 2.2ltr engine.

Let's look at the torque curve.

At the same rpm point, the Ebay intake makes 103.33lb-ft of torque vs the stock intake 92.43lb-ft of torque. That's a 10.9lb-ft of torque increase. Not bad at all.

Here's the breakdown of how the Ebay intake is from the bottom of 1st gear to the top of 3rd gear.

Here's a pic of the owner of the Ebay intake on how it would look in your engine bay.

Gains could possibly be more on the bigger displacemented 2.5RS. So there you have it. I have to run out to pick up my wife. Questions and comments are welcome. Ebay intakes kick arse! Stop wasting your hard earned $$$ on Cobb and other really expensive intakes. I've been saying this all along.

This also disproves the 'theory' that a Torque Box is needed. My Impreza has that container/box thingamajigga attached to the intake. With the Ebay straight pipe, torque was gained tremendously as you can tell.
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