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Post The Battle Between The Vendors & The Dealership Rages On

In the on going battle between the Vendors of Subaru Parts and the Dealerships that have no idea how to get Subaru Parts. In the end the loser is YOU!!!

First you have all of the Vendors out there who either donít have the $$$$ To keep a full inventory of parts that people might want or need. Or some other reason for not having the parts you might be looking for in stock

Second you have the Dealership that is usually so wrapped up in other politics pertaining to service, warranty, or other Dealership stuff, That they really have no idea the money they could be raking in from performance tuning.

Now the Dealers main problem is that they have no idea ď Other than the Extras Brochures for the car they just sold youĒ of the parts that Subaru makes for their cars. And the FACT that they can get these parts. Most of the time unless you know EXACTLY what Part you are looking for and the Part # u are dead in the water!

Now comes the conflict between the 2. On one hand u have the Vendor who really wants you to buy Subaru Parts from them, pay their mark up, and if they donít have the part wait around for them until they do. May GOD help you if u ever DARE to ask a Vendor the part # for any Subaru product. They are liable to have a fit over the phone going something along the lines of ď Well we work to hard to get these Part #ís blah blah blahĒ

Now we all know that Subaru can sell you Subaru Parts cheaper than any Vendor ever could. At one time this was not the case but in the last year things have changed. I mean think about it. The Vendors have to buy these parts from Subaru at a Vendors price. Donít u think that A Subaru Dealer is going to get a much better price on a Subaru Part than some Vendor. Yes I think so

So I guess what it comes back to is these elusive Part #ís that I keep talking about. What we need is more access to these numberís and to make your local Dealer more aware of the parts and market that they are missing out on. Now the Vendors still have their place. I am talking about Subaru brand parts ONLY! Itís not like I am talking about Cusco, DMS, SYMS or other aftermarket companies that make parts for Subaruís. For this is the market for the Vendors.

Until we can get reliable part #'s for the parts we want, we are at the mercy of the Vendors.

Good Luck Parts Shopping!

I hope the Spelling and Grammer was not that bad.
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