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I didn't want to comment on the Ebay intake(s) but I think I should say something on this. These intakes are not bolt-ons. You can't just purchase an Ebay intake and expect to just install it without issues.

They have to be modified. For example, the IAC valve and hose may have to be enlarged. You may have to drill a hole or somehow tap into the intake to attach an IAC, PCV or valve cover vacuum hose. 'May' is the key word since all of these intakes are not alike. I only tested this one version that was modified this one way by Shaun.

Also, you probably are going to have to purchase a Maf adapter. I didn't use the one that was provided by the owner (Shaun). I used the maf adapter I have for my Minnam intake, which is a perfect fit. It looked like Shaun had to modify a maf adapter to make it fit.

3rd note is that some of you ARE NOT going to like the air filter. I was going to include pics but when I swap cars, I left my digital camera in the other car. I'm sending this intake back today and it's all boxed up so I can't give you detailed pics. What I can tell you is not the quality of the filter element but the top of the filter looks similar 'to a thin metal screen'. Sure it will filter out some stuff but it's not an 'air filter' type of material. It's almost like sticking a panty hose over your maf sensor.

There's a reason why it's cheap. That wasn't the point of this thread. I wanted to see if the intake actually made or lost hp/torque and where it did it at. I was very curious. I'm putting up this post now because I feel some what responsible if a noob hurries up and go out and purchase one of these, only to be left at a standstill when they are ready to install it because they can't. Now you know!
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