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Originally Posted by caterpill
......The part that is rubbing, is the spring itself against the red threaded sleeve. My lower gc adjustable spring perch (gold thing) is quite a bit down on the sleeve, leaving about 1" or so left of adjustment. This, makes the spring go over quite a bit of the gc sleeve, giving more potential for rubbing. Sometimes after raising the car to full droop and lowering it, I have to reseat the springs, and sometimes one of the rear springs or front springs make contact, causing a noticible squeaking noise. Usually, a few adjustments fixes the problem. I did change from my original stock hacked struts to a replacement set of wagon struts because of an incident involving a bent strut, but there could be a possibility that the replacement struts do not have a perfectly level lower seat......
Here is a potential solution to your rubbing problem. I used Cosworth's trick of dipping the spring seats in that rubber stuff you use to coat tool handles. In addition to stopping unwanted noise it makes the springs fit extremely tight on the seats (top and bottom). When I lift the car the seats on the front struts stay stuck to the springs and the top seat slides down the shock shaft and I don't have a re-seating problem. I have a 24mm swaybar on the rear so I think that prevents the wheels drooping too far and the seats stay stuck to the springs. One disadvantage is that adjusting the ride height is more difficult, especially on the rears, as the spring and top seat wants to turn when you adjust the lower seat. Still, I think it's worthwhile. I've had mine for over a year and the rubber stuff is getting pretty ragged - might have to redip sometime.
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