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Originally Posted by DarthChicken
Hydra all the way with something that big. Sure, there are high HP cars out there using the UTEC, but they are all using larger MAF tubes, and all of them have the associated "issues" that go along with the larger MAF tube. Those issues being, drivability that isn't near as good in a lot of ways.

You can't control throttle pump with the UTEC. Every time you tip in to the throttle, you run lean for a split second, then it catches up. Because, with the larger MAF housing, you're fooling the car.

You have to deal with the "crossover point" with the UTEC. Closed loop to open loop. That doesn't exist with the hydra.

My car, I don't even have a maf tube. Filter is clamped right on to the intake tube, and my V8 intake manifold has a temp sensor I'm using (instead of the one on the MAF). I end up with much more accurate intake temps that way as well, as the temps are post turbo (and intercooler for that matter).

My car is more drivable now than it ever was, except maybe the day I drove it off the lot

The only reason I can see not getting a hydra is if you aren't willing to put in the time to learn it, or don't have somebody in your area that can tune it for you. The engine management is only as good as the tuner obviously
Thanks Man!!! you SOLD me on the HYDRA when I talked to Kingpin
they said they could tune the HYDRA. And yes I plan on learning how to tune myself but it might take me awhile b/c I`am staring from scratch LOL, I dont know a dang thing about tuning with any system now!!!

But I have many years to Learn! I guess I`ll buy a book on tuning with turbocharged cars, and pick up what I can by callin Element Tuning,
I plan on getting all my turbo kit in 2 months, this will give me time to learn how to tune in general and with the Hydra

One more thing I never got a real straight answer if Hydra has map switiching?? If so could you tell me how many, I hope at least 3

Thanks Sean
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